Leisure Centre Energy Investment Audits

Envision drive energy improvements & savings for Leisure Centres through bespoke Energy Assessments.

Envision has been working closely with Everyone Active, the UK’s leading operator of local leisure facilities to produce Energy Investment Audits for Leisure Centre’s they wish to add to their portfolio.

The bespoke process takes account of a wide range of considerations, and combines M&E survey capabilities with energy assessment and life cycle cost analysis. For each new site an initial review of the historic electricity and gas usage is undertaken and rationalised against a site survey. Following this audit, the findings are analysed and recommendations provided for improvements, taking account life cycle cost and carbon savings.

Here are some of the measures that have been suggested for the Centres:
  • Efficient lighting improvement;
  • Incorporation of variable speed drives;
  • Incorporation of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units; and
  • General Building Management System (BMS) modifications.

Generally, the savings are targeted with a payback of less than 5 years and the average annual savings recommended for each Centre has been in excess of £20,000. However depending on the length of the contract, options for longer term investment are also considered.

The audits also address wider opportunities, such as improvements for water efficiency and the possible application of processes such as BREEAM refurbishment.

The Business Development Technical Manager for Everyone Active, Rob Mitchell, had this to say following Envision’s Energy Assessments:

“The Envision energy audit process takes account of all aspects affecting the complex, heavy consuming sites we operate and turns this into clear, concise, sensible reports with the right amount of technical detail; start point, end point, savings, investment required – all timely delivered to meet our brief.”

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