Envision Helping Crest Nicholson to Minimise Waste

Envision has been working with Crest Nicholson on some of their recent residential development proposals, helping them to address local planning policies requirements on minimising waste during both the construction and future occupation of the dwellings.

Crest Nicholson approached Envision to ask for our help on a request that is coming from an increasing number of local authorities – to estimate waste quantities for a new developments and present a waste minimisation strategy. As a sustainability consultant who has a strong understanding of waste management and minimisation as part of our range of sustainability services, Envision is ideally placed to provide this support.

Envision has developed a simple methodology to predict the volumes of both construction and operational wastes in residential developments, and has presented this information alongside appropriate waste minimisation and recycling strategies to the local authority, to help validate the planning applications and ensure Crest’s success in achieving planning permissions.



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