05Healthy Buildings

The drive for ‘Healthy Buildings’ is becoming ever more pressing. With working hours increasing, people spend far longer inside buildings today than previously.  There is also a growing understanding of the business case behind healthy buildings and the risks posed by poorly designed buildings from the perspective of occupant health and wellbeing.

With this growing momentum, developers and commercial landlords are seeing an increased benefit towards investing in standards such as WELL, FitWel, BREEAM and the Living Building Challenge. Following the design principles of these standards can lead to significant benefits beyond increased occupant health and wellbeing, such as attracting premium tenants, higher rental values and lower void periods.

Envision is well placed to advise on healthy building design and operational strategies. We employ WELL AP advisors and FitWel Ambassadors, able to provide advice on the design and construction principles behind healthy buildings. Our experienced consultants can advise on design principles and appropriate forms of measurement throughout each stage of a project’s lifecycle.

During the masterplanning process and individual building design, Envision can advise on principles of the WELL Standard, FitWel and general health and wellbeing advice, including support with:

  • Achieving formal WELL or FitWel certification
  • Indoor Air Quality Strategy
  • Daylight Assessments and lighting strategy
  • Thermal comfort strategy
  • Acoustic performance evaluation
  • Specification of low VOC materials
  • Building User Guides
  • Active travel strategy
  • Provision of indoor and outdoor amenity space
  • Commissioning and performance verification

During a building’s operation, Envision can support your project with:

  • Formal WELL and FitWel Certification
  • Advice on WELL operational requirements
  • Advice on FitWel policy requirements
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation
  • Air Quality and Noise Assessments
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Healthy buildings management practices

Envision Healthy Buildings services in the Development Lifecycle

Concept Design & Planning
  • Waste Strategies

  • Post Occupancy Evaluation
  • Well being Assessments