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The UK has declared a CLIMATE EMERGENCY

June 4, 2019

On May 1st, the Government approved a motion of climate change emergency, making the UK the first country in the world to formally declare a ‘Climate Emergency’.

But what is a Climate Emergency Declaration?

There is currently no specific definition in place, but the motion asks the Government to create a set of immediate proposals that address all issues impacting climate change and take urgent action.

However, lots of councils around the UK have already declared a state of ‘Climate Emergency’, as of now there are 67 councils listed. Each have put forward a motion that sets their own targets – with 47 of the 67 declarations targeting carbon neutral by 2030, bringing forward the current target set by the Climate Change Act (2008) which aims to reduce emissions by 80% by 2050.

The 67 councils have motioned a declaration of Climate Emergency with a specific target, while having differing actions based on the local priority to help reach the ultimate carbon zero target. There is a real drive for local governments to take control, begin implementation and not wait for their national government to change their policies.

Plans for Future Development…

It is likely that all developments will need to calculate their expected carbon footprint to ensure measures are in place to offset carbon and achieve neutrality. This will involve greater consideration of low carbon design and the integration of renewable energy, the emissions involved in resourcing materials and labour, ensuring the highest standard of building design is integrated, calculating the local traffic incorporating a full switch to the integration of battery storage, measures to promote electric vehicle recharging and continuous monitoring of building operations.

Below lists some Councils who are developing new strategies and updating existing plans to reach new targets:

  • London Borough of Southwark – Carbon neutrality by 2030.
  • Highland – Carbon neutral by 2025.
  • Oxfordshire – Carbon neutral by 2030.
  • Monmouthshire – Net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

To see a full list of changes to be implemented in your area, click here: https://climateemergency.uk/

If you would like help implementing a carbon neutral strategy for your future developments to address the Climate Emergency, get in touch with the Envision Team.

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