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Playing our part towards clean growth

May 24, 2018
Clean Growth Strategy 1

On Monday 21st May, Theresa May set out four missions of the UK’s Industrial Strategy. One of which included clean growth for the future, following the proposed Clean Growth Strategy published in late 2017.

Climate change is a global challenge and the UK have been at the forefront for trying to tackle this growing concern. In 2008 the UK passed the Climate Change Act, committing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent by 2050. The years following have seen positive steps to reach this target, meeting each carbon budget milestone set.

A new target has since been set under the Clean Growth Strategy to at least halve the energy usage of new buildings by 2030. A further aim is to halve the costs of reaching the same standard in existing buildings too.

Clean Growth not only reaps benefits for the environment and improved quality of life for all but helps boost the UK economy, by developing the existing low energy industries and by fuelling innovation programmes to put the UK in a world leading position.

Envision’s ambition and drive helps create sustainable environments in all sectors we operate in. The Clean Growth Strategy will be a further catalyst for innovation, helping to develop new energy efficiency and heating technologies. Envision plays a key part in this role consulting in the sustainable design and refurbishment of both new and existing buildings.

Clean growth looks at how modern construction practices can help reduce energy use. Envision advise on different measures that can be taken during the construction process to be more efficient and reduce energy consumption. These practices need to be underpinned at the start of the process, where approaches such as Life Cycle Assessment and operational energy demand modelling can influence the overall outcome of a building’s performance.

If you’d like to know more about how Envision can help you deliver a low energy future, please contact one of our team.

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