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ESG Benchmarking – Delivering sustainability improvements in portfolios through BREEAM In Use

May 7, 2020

Investor expectations for quality ESG reporting is becoming the new normal. Indices such as GRESB are playing a key role in this transformation, helping to collect investor grade data on ESG metrics and drive forward tangible improvements in the commercial property sector.

Responses need to be appropriate, targeted and present best value for money. As experts in sustainable buildings, Envision provides pragmatic advice to help asset managers and property owners meet these demands. With this growing interest in GRESB and other rating methods, Envision is seeing a significant interest in the application of BREEAM In Use to support the benchmarking of assets within portfolios. BREEAM In Use is the most widely recognised sustainability assessment tool for buildings that are in occupation, however up until now its widespread uptake has been limited.

On 11th May, BRE will introduce the new BREEAM In Use (V6). Version 6 promises to be enhanced with the launch of a Whole Portfolio approach, enabling a more cost-effective approach to benchmarking large portfolios. The approach will provide a leaner method in maintaining and improving buildings within a portfolio.
Version 6 will also introduce:

  • A new residential assessment method – allowing all parts of a real estate portfolio to be benchmarked. This may be particularly attractive to the Built to Rent Sector.
  • New Resilience and Social Impact sections – addressing two critical areas of ESG performance, better aligning to modules within GRESB.

As BREEAM In Use Assessors, Envision is advising our clients on these latest changes and how this assessment tool can help Asset Managers demonstrate significant improvements in ESG performance to their investors.

If you would like to know more about how Envision can support your portfolio, please contact Charlotte Brewin.

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