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IKEA Exeter achieves the highest BREEAM rating yet for a UK store

July 17, 2018
IKEA Exeter Complete

Envision has worked with IKEA to develop the BREEAM Excellent project since 2013. The new store opened its doors for trading on 10th May 2018, here are some of the highlights…

The IKEA Exeter store is the 21st store to be completed in the UK. Envision continues to work closely with IKEA to develop sustainability solutions for its new buildings and is proud to have worked on this sustainable building in Exeter.  The store has been built by Glasgow based contractor McLaughlin and Harvey, who has established a regional presence in the South West to meet growing construction demands in the region. The building includes a number of standard IKEA design measures such as low water use WCs, sustainable ‘A’ Rated construction materials, and LED lighting, however also incorporates specific measures which are local and reflect the nature of the surrounding site. Due to level changes on the site, the project uses a soil nailing technique and gabion stone walling to retain the levels.  This solution uses less concrete than other retaining solutions and provides a reduction in embodied carbon.

The site was developed on a previous greenfield site, but has attempted to increase the overall biodiversity through the incorporation of native landscaping, alongside species enhancements such as bird and bat boxes. Local Devon-based ecologists have been involved in the development of the ecology strategy to ensure that the site has maximum value. In addition 250 m2 of native tree planting was planted offsite as part of the Woodland Carbon Project.

The site also achieved Exemplary performance under the Considerate Constructors Scheme. This was achieved by members of the site team talking a proactive involvement in the local community initiatives, including competitions at schools.

The BREEAM Excellent building reached a score of 75%, which is the highest rating achieved to date for a new store in the UK. IKEA and Envision continue to focus efforts at the new store under construction in Greenwich, which is expected to reach higher scores through the incorporation of additional innovations.

BREEAM-0075-9761-1-1 final certificate

IKEA Exeter BREEAM Certificate

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