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Envision Expands its Sports and Leisure Capabilities

August 16, 2018
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Envision has been working closely with Everyone Active to help them evaluate the energy saving opportunities available at their leisure centres.

Everyone Active is part of Sports and Leisure Management Ltd (SLM), the longest-established leisure contractor in the UK. Founded in 1987, SLM have grown to become a leading operator of leisure centres throughout the country. SLM manage over 170 leisure and cultural centres in partnership with over 53 different local authorities.

Leisure centres are typically energy and water intensive buildings. Making upgrades in their building services can therefore help run centres more efficiently.  Envision has worked closely with SLM to develop a bespoke methodology to evaluate the energy saving opportunities available to existing leisure centre sites. The support helps SLM to explore the long term financial savings that are available on a particular site. Our expert building services engineers will undertake site surveys and evaluate the efficiency of building systems, including the expected service life of plant. As part of our Energy Investment Audits, Envision undertakes life cycle assessments where the payback of system upgrades are assessed both in terms of financial and carbon savings. This advice helps SLM to make judgement decisions when tendering for potential new sites.

The Energy Investment Audit approach is transferable to a number of other industries, including hospitality and extra care. The approach demonstrates our capabilities at combining expert mechanical and electrical engineering, building surveying and life cycle assessment to evaluate sustainability opportunities within the built environment.

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