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Cranfield Airpark Sustainability Appraisal and Energy Strategy

Envision has recently been appointed to prepare an Energy Strategy and Sustainability Appraisal for Cranfield Airpark in support of a planning application made to central Bedfordshire council.

Cranfield University is the only university in Europe with an associated airport, allowing Cranfield to be a world leader in aviation research and technology.  The planning application proposes an extension to existing airpark facilities, with 5 new hangers, a Fixed Operator Base terminal building, a 300 bed hotel as well as new offices and a biomass energy centre.

Envision has significant experience in undertaking sustainability appraises for new infrastructure. Our team analysed the potential sustainability issues which could arise from the construction and operation of the proposed Airpark. A strategy was developed to reduce potential impacts, including good practice measures in the design, construction and operation of the facilities.

Thermal modelling was undertaken for the buildings to explore opportunities to reduce solar gain and to save energy from mechanical building systems. A new 500 kw biomass energy centre is proposed to generate heating and hot water for the site. This will complement the existing biomass energy centre and CHP already in place at Cranfield University. Envision undertook a concept design of the new energy centre, which was critical for informing parameters of the planning application such as the landscape and visual assessment, transport and air quality assessments.

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