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Healthy Buildings Guide

February 23, 2024
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Launching our new ‘Healthy Buildings Guide’

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent move back to office working has placed a spotlight on the importance of healthy buildings. Companies are increasingly prioritising spaces with credentials that support the well-being of employees. Sustainable development, meeting present needs without compromising the future, aligns with the broader concept of well-being – providing mental and emotional, social, and physical resources to face current and future challenges.

To guide us through these challenges, Envision has developed a comprehensive Healthy Building Guide. The guide defines the three pillars of healthy building design as physical health, social health and mental & emotional health, and how these should be explored holistically with the aim of designing and delivering more people-centred and health-enhancing places.

The guide also includes a useful comparative matrix of various Healthy Building accreditations prevalent in the UK market, as well as exploring how these align with established green building certifications like BREEAM.

Crucially, the guide emphasises the integration of healthy building principles across the building’s life cycle, and recognises the synergy between sustainable practices and the wider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) framework. Amidst the myriad sustainability and healthy building jargons prevalent in the market, Envision grounds these concepts in real-world design solutions.

Read our Healthy Buildings Guide.

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