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Transforming BizSpace: Envision’s Energy Performance Improvement Project

June 18, 2024
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Envision has recently been working with Bizspace, who provide flexible workspace client facilities for let across the UK. This initiative is focussed on improvement of the EPCs within their portfolio to a minimum rating ‘B’ and spans multiple locations across the UK. Our commitment to energy efficiency and environmental responsibility is shown in the enhancements made to office spaces, industrial storage units, retail outlets, and workshop spaces We have incorporated cost analysis and levels of inconvenience to tenants within these assessments in conjunction with our partners on this project, Total Project Integration (TPI) Ltd.

Site Overview:
The BizSpace EPC Improvements project involves a diverse portfolio of locations, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities. Despite the variance in site uses, age and condition our dedicated team of energy experts navigated the details of each building to optimise energy consumption and increase the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating.

Scope of Work:
The primary goal of the work is to improve the EPC rating of each location to a ‘B rating.’ The scope of work included a comprehensive EPC analysis, featuring site surveys, energy modelling, and thermal modelling analysis using Designbuilder. This approach was applied across all locations, ensuring a consistent and effective strategy.

Site surveys provided real-world data, energy modelling allowed for scenario simulations, and thermal modelling analysis pinpointed specific areas for improvement. This harmonious blend of technology and hands-on expertise was needed to ensure the success of our planned interventions.

Tailored Solutions:
Recognising the unique characteristics of each location, our team implemented bespoke energy improvement measures. From the office spaces in Manchester to the commercial workshops in Hebburn, our tailored approach maximised the operational carbon impact of the energy performance interventions, achieving optimal results for each unit.
These initial proposals will be followed up with a more detailed concept design which will allow TPI to approach contractors for competitive tenders and achieve the most cost effective solution for Bizspace.

Cost Analysis:
Understanding the financial considerations of our clients, a thorough cost analysis was conducted in conjunction with TPI. This is not only involved estimating the capital costs of improvements but strategically evaluating potential cost reductions. The result is a roadmap for sustainable and cost-effective EPC improvements across all BizSpace locations.

Significance and Impact:
The BizSpace EPC Improvements project is not merely a collection of isolated efforts but a cohesive initiative between the Envision team, TPI and most importantly our client Bizspace, contributing to the UK’s net-zero targets. By enhancing the EPCs of multiple locations, BizSpace plays a crucial role in the nation’s engagement against global warming and climate change. Envision’s work with BizSpace exemplifies our dedication to creating a built environment that aligns with sustainable practices and supports our efforts toward a greener future.

Envision’s BizSpace EPC Improvements project stands as a huge effort in transforming diverse portfolios into energy-efficient occupied spaces across the UK. Our dedicated and passionate energy experts efforts expect to leave a mark on the built environment.
Should you or your client have any EPC or energy improvement targets for your building or portfolio you can get in touch with our Director of Energy and MEP Engineering Ciaran Dorrity for more details.

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